Set up in the centre of the Congress, the Hub will offer activities that are unprecedented in nature serving as a true platform for exchange, networking and discovery. It will also serve as a conversational, experiential, and educational area for experts from the world’s largest cities.

Dynamic, fun, and discovery-oriented spaces will feature a number of innovative ideas:

  • Brain Dating and Brainstorming Zone
  • Expo Zone
  • Major Cities in Action Zone
  • Urban Innovations Zone

There will also be key events to connect start-ups and cities around the world.


The innovative app that helps you find the right people to meet and share knowledge and network one-on-one.


How it works



Major Cities in Action Zone

The stage for dynamic presentations given by major cities, start-ups, organizations and urban stakeholders, located at the very centre of The Hub. A complete list of stakeholders will be posted online shortly.

Urban Innovations Zone

A showcase for innovative urban projects: poster presentations of projects selected through a worldwide open call for proposals that fall within one of the Congress’s principal themes. Come and discover the presenters who will be on site throughout the Congress.

Brain Dating Zone

The physical representation of the Congress’s networking platform: a unique chance for delegates to interact and plan individual or team meetings with other participants. Download the Congress’s Braindate app now to organize your meetings.

Ambassadors' Zone

Come and meet some of the Congress’s ambassadors: international organizations and city networks that helped promote the Congress.

City Buzz Zone

The social networking space connects Congress participants through a range of digital platforms. Video recording zone for conducting interviews with the Congress’ key stakeholders.


InnoCité, in partnership with the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation du Québec and Montréal, Smart and Digital City, will hold the first InnoCité startup Event as part of the XII Metropolis World Congress.

Over three days of the Metropolis World Congress, 30 chosen startups specializing in solutions for smart cities will be given the unique opportunity to present their innovative solutions to representatives from municipal governments around the world from June 20 to 22.

They will also take part in a special day dedicated to their exclusive areas of expertise on Wednesday, June 21.

Interactive Exhibition Space—Themed Discussion Groups—Lively On-Stage Exchanges—Individual Business Meetings

An enhanced experience for participants to showcase their innovative solutions to international decision-makers, with the potential to open up markets to these talented startups from Montreal and North America alike.

Contact us if your startup relates to the following themes: smart cities, cities and the environment, inclusion and living together, mobility and urban planning, or collaborative and circular economies.


The 4th edition of InnoBahn Ubisoft – The Fast Track to Innovation, an event organized by The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, will be held at 4:30pm on June 21, during the XII Metropolis World Congress. 

Startups will propose concrete and innovative solutions to the challenge issued by the City of Montreal, one that is topical and common to all major cities and to many large businesses: What is the best way to help large cities respond to major crisis situations?

All Congress participants will have access to the startup presentations, to experts who will comment on the substance of each proposal, and to the event happening on the Major City in Action Zone’s stage.  

Participants will also have the opportunity to network during this unique evening with delegations from cities around the world, with public, institutional, private, community and university stakeholders, and with members of city administrations who have a particular interest in innovation.

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