Economic development, collaborative economy and
circular economy


This theme is very broad, covering both the issues facing major cities from an economic and funding perspective and the new strategies or approaches they are establishing to ensure their economic development, covering all sectors, and the funding and economic development tools available to them.

  • Major cities actively seek to innovatively support entrepreneurship – both private and social – and to support entirely new innovation ecosystems. Urban manufacturers, which are much less extensive, more easily blend in with the living environments and are conducive to the development of blended living environments. The anticipated communications will be able to cover major cities’ new economic development approaches and practices and illustrate relevant and inspiring approaches for them.
  • The concept of circular economy – that new economic approach that aims to reconcile economics and sustainable development through such things as more effective resource use and contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities – is also a topic for the contributions sought.
  • Likewise, the concept of collaborative economy – where new platforms for commercial and non-commercial trade among peers are appearing – will be brought up. The latter equally involves housing, transportation, food, clothing, support services among individuals as well as culture and education. Two approaches are emerging from this new collaborative economy: one that is akin to the classic working concept of demand but based on the resources of individuals; or there is the one that aims for completely new services. Any form of active illustration or thinking about the collaborative economy at the major city level or in a metropolitan context will be analyzed.