Inclusion and living together


A city is a meeting ground where multiple identities and memberships intersect: ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, ages and social classes. This broad human diversity presents real challenges for our large cities and makes apparent the unequal access to opportunities and services.

Specifically, this section aims to answer the following questions:

  • How can cities foster among all citizens a feeling of belonging to their community and how will they support the establishing of inclusive settings?
  • How to foster full, complete participation of citizens from all backgrounds in the democratic, social and economic life of their communities?
  • How to promote the sharing of common values and the establishing of harmonious relationships among the various groups within our cities?
  • What role do cities and the various players have in setting up programs and initiatives for improving cohesion, inclusion and security every day in the various urban settings?
  • What are the different approaches taken by various metropolises, and what can cities learn from those experiences?